Editing records is just as straightforward. Search the database for existing records by entering data, report number, street name, cross street, or any combination thereof, and then hit "Find Collisions." The Database brings up all matching records in a list, from which the user can select a specific record and then edit it.

Street Name Verification (image at bottom left) is one of the most important steps in data input and analysis, for it ensures that all (or almost all) reported street names match the formal names in the Street Layout Table. Verification is necessary in order for all queries and reports to be accurate.

Fortunately, the Street Name Verification process is quite easy to learn, employing buttons and drop-down menus and having the software do most of the hard work (matching entered names against official names in the Street Layout Table).

The process involves "soft" and "hard" verification--soft to make sure that the street names conform to the Street Layout Table; hard to verify one-by-one those locations that could not be verified through regular soft verification.

Once the collision record is "cleaned up," it is ready to be queried and searched.

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