Crossroads Software's Traffic Collision Database is a powerful yet simple, solid yet flexible program for data input and management, queries and reports, and data analysis for traffic collisions, citations, and DUIs. Used by cities and counties throughout California, as well as in Washington, Arizona, and New Jersey, the Collision Database system is quickly setting standards in the industry.

The Traffic Collision Database provides data input and management for collisions, citations, and DUIs; queries and reports, including historical, high incidence, and monthly, as well as collision reports by day and hour and other parameters; graphs and charts for such categories as highest degree of injury, collision type, weather and lighting conditions, and much more.

Not just a tool to keep track of collision data in cities, the Collision Database also helps analyze that data, query it, and produce reports so that city traffic engineering departments, police departments, and city managers can fully understand collisions in their city and, ultimately, take measures to prevent them.

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